Spinal Deformities

Spinal Deformities Treatment Options

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Most often used for conditions such as scoliosis and kyphosis, your physician will use rods, plates, and screws to mechanically join one or more vertebrae and to straighten any collapsed spinal structures. This process will straighten the curves associated with scoliosis. Read more...


An osteotomy is a procedure that involves the removal of bone structures. This can entail the removal of an entire vertebra or just a section of one, in order to correct the angle at which bones sit together. This procedure is commonly used to treat scoliosis or flatback. Read more...

Decompression Procedures

Decompression surgery involves making space within a spine that has collapsed from spinal deformity. During this procedure, your physician will use a variety of methods, such as laminectomy or foraminotomy, to remove structures that are compressing the spine. Read more...

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist can guide individuals in strength-building exercises and loosening stretches. For some, posture lessons may be needed to learn how to properly sit, stand, or walk. Deep tissue massage is another beneficial therapy that can complement physical therapy.