Revision Spine Surgery

Advantages of Revision Spine Surgery

No one wants to undergo additional surgery after one procedure has already failed. However, the benefits of revision spine surgery greatly outweigh the disadvantages of living with the pain of an unsuccessful procedure. In fact, if a failed spine surgery is not addressed, the results can leave an individual in a worse condition than before they initially sought treatment. Dr. George S. Naseef, MD, of the Advanced Spine Center is an expert in treating individuals who suffer from failed back syndrome. A board certified, fellowship-trained, and award-winning spine surgeon, Dr. Naseef and his team of specialists will help you to achieve the relief you deserve.

Eligibility Requirements for Revision Spine Surgery

If you have undergone a back surgery in the recent or distant past, and your symptoms have remained the same or even worsened, then you may be a candidate for revision spine surgery. Possible signs that you need revision spine surgery include: sustained or worsening symptoms, an inability to recuperate from your previous surgery, an increased reliance on pain medications (possibly even leading to addiction), spinal immobility or muscle spasms in the surgical region, or even psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability. Don’t suffer with the consequences of a failed back surgery any longer; call the Advanced Spine Center today at (973) 538-0900.