Advantages of a Microdiscectomy

Advances in minimally invasive endoscopic and microscopic techniques have led to more successful procedures with longer lasting results. Our surgical team at the Advanced Spine Center of New Jersey has years of training and expertise in performing the most up-to-date and specialized surgical procedures. Adept in the technique of the minimally invasive microdiscectomy, our board certified surgeons will work closely with you to develop a personalized recovery plan that resolves your disc pain.

Eligibility Requirements for a Microdiscectomy

If you are experiencing localized nerve pain, radiculopathy, or radiating pain that travels down the arms or legs, or if your nerve pain is accompanied by sensations of tingling, heat, or pins-and-needles prickling, then a microdiscectomy may be an effective treatment to address your degenerated disc. Your doctor may prescribe a CT or MRI scan to confirm that a damaged intervertebral is causing your pain. From there, depending upon the severity of your situation, your doctor will prescribe a course of conservative therapy before recommending surgical interventions, such as a microdiscectomy.

There are few conditions that may disqualify an individual from receiving a microdiscectomy, however: If you have severe instability in your vertebrae, an infection near the proposed surgical site, or another serious medical condition, then a microdiscectomy might not be the best treatment for you. Working with a qualified physician to assess your condition is the only way to know for certain if your medical needs meet the criteria for surgery. To learn more about your options for treatment, contact one of our patient advocates at (973) 538-0900.