Advantages of a Foraminotomy

A minimally invasive foraminotomy is an effective option for treating the painful and debilitating symptoms of foraminal nerve compression. Regardless of the cause of your foraminal stenosis, a minimally invasive foraminotomy can probably reverse it. The foramina are small openings in the vertebrae that require extreme precision during surgery. With practiced surgeons like the award-winning Dr. Gatto, the experienced team at the Advanced Spine Center are experts in minimally invasive technology. Don’t suffer with debilitating spinal pain any longer: Call the Advanced Spine Center today to achieve pain relief and peace of mind.

Eligibility Requirements for a Foraminotomy

If you are experiencing debilitating pain caused by compressed spinal nerves in the foramina, then a minimally invasive foraminotomy may be able to remedy your condition. Symptoms that may be present include: localized pain, radiating pain down the arms or legs, and tingling or burning sensations in the back or radiating down the limbs. If more conservative treatments have failed to resolve your foraminal stenosis, then consult a physician to assess your need for a foraminotomy.

If you have infection at the proposed site of surgery, structural instability in the vertebrae, or any major (and potentially disqualifying) health concerns, then a foraminotomy may not be the right procedure for you.