Advantages of a Kyphoplasty

As with many state-of-the-art procedures, a minimally invasive kyphoplasty affords many advantages when compared with the traditional procedures that require large incisions and extended recovery times. Dr. George S. Naseef, MD, at the Advanced Spine Center of New Jersey specializes in the treatment of traumatic spinal fractures. An expert in minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Naseef is adept at performing state-of-the-art kyphoplasties and other restorative procedures. If you are suffering from a fracture, don’t wait to get help any longer. Call our experts at the Advanced Spine Center today at (973) 538-0900.

Eligibility Requirements for Kyphoplasty

If you have recently fractured a vertebra in your spine, it is important to take action early. If fractured bones are permitted to heal in abnormal shapes or directions, additional complications such as spinal deformities or pinched nerves may develop.

There are some situations, however, that may bar an individual from receiving a kyphoplasty. If there is infection in or near the fracture, if one is allergic to the surgical materials, if the fracture is stable and symptom-free, or if there is severe instability in the spine caused by osteoporosis, then a kyphoplasty may not be the best treatment option for you. Call the Advanced Spine Center today at (973) 538-0900 to create a personalized treatment plan for your recovery.