Garlic for Back Pain: Does It Really Work?

Most of us love garlic.  We love the scent of it in cooking food and we love the flavor punch it delivers to our favorite dishes.

Garlic lore abounds.  From repelling random vampires to preventing colds, garlic has a rich and checkered history.  Known to some as “the stinking rose”, garlic has a legion of fans around the world.  It’s even celebrated at rural festivals, attended by thousands of garlic-loving devotees.

But garlic for back pain?  Conduct a google search and you’ll discover a vast storehouse of information seeking to answer this question.  We did just that and while it’s clear that garlic can play a role, it’s not quite that cut and dried (or chopped, or pressed, even).

We’ve sorted through some of the information out there and separated fact from fiction, to provide a measured response to the question “garlic for back pain:  does it really work?”.

Consult your doctor.

80% of people alive today will struggle with back pain at some point in their lives.  If you’re part of that group, it’s important that you consult a doctor or therapist about back pain, before resorting to self-help.  That said, let’s explore how garlic can support the lifestyle changes you’ll need to pursue, if you’re suffering from persistent back pain.

Garlic is your friend!

Like all pain, back pain is caused by inflammation in the body which impacts nerves.  Garlic does, in fact, feature anti-inflammatory properties which can be useful for back pain sufferers.  When used in conjunction with medical consultation, exercise and ergonomic supports (changing the way you sit at work and posture correction, for starters), garlic is a helpful, natural pain-relief resource.

Garlic is part of the Allum family, which is known for its ability to help fight infection and safeguard the heart, among other things.  While using it on its own is not recommended, we do agree that it’s desirable to add it to your diet and not only to the foods you cook.

Garlic, when eaten in whole cloves provides you with a natural immune system boost.  Eat two to three every day and monitor how your body responds.  You can also use garlic to create a massage oil to apply topically, to your back.  In some instances, the answer to the question “garlic for back pain:  does it really work?” is a resounding “Yes!”.

We strongly advise that, prior to using garlic as a health support, you test your reactions to either ingesting it or applying oils infused with it.  Start with one clove and work up to two or three.  Apply the garlic-infused oil to a small area to ensure you don’t end up with an allergic rash.

Garlic for back pain:  Does it really work?

Our answer is simple:  add it to other therapies in play.  Talk to your medical specialist and make key changes to your sitting and standing hygiene (ergonomics and posture).  Garlic for back pain:  does it really work? – sure.  But not in isolation.  Contact us for clinical back pain support.