How Weight Loss Can Be Used to Treat A Herniated Disc

At Advanced Spine, we’ve noticed that the words “herniated disc” strike terror into the hearts of some of our patients.  That’s because we haven’t told them yet that their problem doesn’t necessarily mean surgery.  It’s just the first thing that comes to their minds when we reveal that they have herniated discs.

But there are other ways to deal with a herniated disc that are much more conservative.  Non-invasive therapies are always where we want to take our patients before deploying the surgical option.  Any good clinician will tell you that’s a best practice.

Of those non-invasive therapies, weight loss achieved through diet and exercise are often indicated.  Excess weight is a threat to your entire physical being.  It’s not an aesthetic problem, where we’re concerned.  It’s a health problem and one which can give rise to herniated discs, joint pain, diabetes and heart problems.

So, weight loss to treat herniated disc pain is something we recommend to patients who are over their recommended weights.  It may not be popular with some of our patients, but it’s a winning strategy that helps many of them recover.

Why Your Weight Matters

Too much of anything is rarely a good thing.  The same may be said of excess weight.  When you’re carrying extra weight, the burden on your body can become apparent in problems arising from the strain the additional pounds are placing on it.

Although weight loss to treat herniated disc pain can help, it may be part of a more complex approach which deploys the use of pharmaceuticals or a course of physiotherapy.  But changes to your diet and activity levels will undoubtedly be beneficial, not only for your herniated disc, but for your overall state of health.

If you know you have a herniated disc, then you’re probably already consulting with a doctor or therapist.  If that’s not the case, you should be.

While disc herniations can resolve on their own, some of them do require surgery.  Should you decide to pursue weight loss to treat herniated disc pain, do so under your doctor’s direction.  If it hurts when you exercise – it’s time to stop and consult.  The way forward may require surgical intervention.

Why not do it anyways?

At Advanced Spine, we’re health practitioners on a mission to relieve pain.  If the cause of that pain is a strain on the joints and muscles due to excess weight, guess what we tell our patients to do?

Lose weight!

As we said earlier, this has little to do with aesthetics and everything to do with your state of health.  You can do a lot to relieve the pain of a herniated disc without resorting to surgery.  That’s the last resort.

If you can help yourself by pursuing healthy weight loss to treat herniated disc pain, then you’re giving yourself an enduring gift that will change your life.  Sometimes it takes a herniated disc to make important lifestyle changes and that should be welcomed!

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