5 Ways to Avoid Back & Neck Pain this Winter 2017 Season

Winter should be a time for sipping hot cocoa in front of the fire. As nice as that sounds, you spend a lot of your time in bed, nursing a bad back. Fortunately, it’s not too late to turn things around. Have the best winter season yet by following some tips to avoid back pain. These tips will keep you on your toes, whether you want to go on a vacation or just snuggle up with your loved ones while it snows outside.
  1. Do Some Stretching

Winter isn’t all fun and games. There is snow to shovel and ice to scrape off the gutters. These physically demanding activities can lead to back injuries. Cut down on your chances of getting injured by engaging in some stretching exercises beforehand. Make sure your muscles are nice and warm before tackling your winter jobs. Then, when you finish with your work, stretch again. That will help you cool down after spending some time shoveling or de-icing your property.

  1. Salt Your Driveway

Slipping and falling will give you a first-class ticket to the world of back pain. You can cancel that ticket by salting your driveway. This will provide you with the traction you need to navigate the icy outdoors without falling. It can also keep you in good graces with family and friends. They will certainly like you a lot better if they don’t tumble down your driveway when they come to visit. Your home owners’ insurance will like you better, too.

  1. Join a Gym

Sitting around by the fire is nice, but if you spend all of your time sitting, your back pain will likely flair up. Of course, you can’t go for the normal jog or bike ride. Instead, join a gym and take part in daily workouts.  Your back will thank you for it. Regular workouts will also allow you to indulge in some holiday goodies without feeling guilty.

  1. Fight the Winter Blues

You’ve probably heard that chronic back pain often leads to depression. What you might not know is depression can also lead to back pain. It’s easy to get depressed in the winter. There isn’t as much sunlight and you’re stuck indoors a lot. Avoid the winter blues by staying active, keeping your home bright, and surrounding yourself with friends and family.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Many people don’t realize that dehydration can actually cause back pain. While people focus on staying hydrated in the warm months, they often leave the water bottles behind during winter. They opt for warm, caffeinated beverages instead. Put the coffee down and start drinking your water again. Your back (and the rest of your body) will feel much better.

Get more information about avoiding back pain in the winter 2017 season by contacting the Advanced Spine Center. With help from the center, you can finally live a life free from back pain. Imagine how much fun you will have this winter when you are finally free from disabling pain.