Herniated Disc Treatment For Bulging & Slipped Discs

Here at the Advanced Spine Center, we’re dedicated to finding the right treatment for each case.  One size does not fit all, when it comes to bulging and slipped discs, so our approach to treatment is highly personalized.

Many cases of bulging and slipped discs respond well to conservative, non-invasive therapies.  Others, though, may require surgical intervention.  This is especially true when patients have exhausted other options and continue to experience pain.  Weakness in the legs is also an indication that disc dysfunction has progressed too far for conservative treatment models to be effective.

Conservative Treatment Options

When patients come to us with a disc anomaly, we immediately employ diagnostics to determine the extent of the problem.  We also spend considerable time discussing the type of pain and other symptoms they’re experiencing, as well as the history of the condition.

When it’s determined that the disc herniation or slippage is relatively minor, it’s possible to treat it conservatively for a period of between 4 to 6 weeks, to relieve and manage pain.  Therapeutic responses like physical therapy and chiropractic can be helpful and relieve the pain associated with disc problems.

Physical therapists can be particularly helpful to patients with disc anomalies, working with them to promote a better understanding of movement and posture to prevent re-injury.

There are times when patients will need the support of drug therapy like painkillers to help them tolerate the movement and manipulation associated with some therapies.

Surgical Treatment Options

When surgery is indicated, the approach taken is collaborative, involving the patient in the process.  Ultimately, it’s the patient’s decision whether to proceed with surgery.  At Advanced, we honor that and provide patients with all relevant information so they can make informed decisions.

It’s often the case that minimally invasive spine surgery is the answer.  Should the patient not be suitable for this procedure, others will be considered.  At Advanced, patients are our partners.  So, we walk with them from pre-surgical preparation through the rehabilitation and recovery process.

In any given case, the team at Advanced always seeks the therapeutic solution that’s best suited to the patient and is most likely to resolve the problem with minimum discomfort.

Early Intervention

A lot of people “tough it out” when it comes to back pain.  If they’ve experienced intermittent bouts of pain as a part of their lives for a long time, they’ll routinely apply DYI treatments and keep going.  Unfortunately, these strategies do nothing to address the underlying cause of the pain.

To get to the bottom of the problem, especially for herniated and slipped discs, only a spine specialist with access to advanced diagnostic tools can determine root causes.  It’s tempting to believe back pain will go away on its own.  Sometimes it does.  More likely, though, the support of a spine specialist is advised.

Herniated disc treatment for bulging and slipped discs is a matter of the condition’s progress, pain levels and individual patient history.  The Advanced Spine Center invites you to call for a consultation and lasting pain relief.