With the holidays quickly approaching, your schedule is probably filled with all kinds of festive plans. From holiday shopping to ugly Christmas sweater parties, this time of year is unlike any other. Unfortunately, back pain doesn’t take a holiday.

If you know someone who struggles with back pain, finding a great gift can provide relief well after the Christmas tree is taken down. These gift ideas will be much more useful than an extra pair of slippers or another ugly tie.

Are you struggling with back pain? No worries. Put some of these items on your Christmas list. Or, use a little bit of your Christmas bonus money to treat yourself to back pain relief. Make sure that you can enjoy all of the holiday festivities with these treats for your back.

What to Buy for Someone with Back Pain

There are many products on the market that are equipped to give those who suffer from lower back pain a chance to enjoy life once again. Some of these products help with general pain. Others treat more specific back pain conditions or can allow a person to relax. Here are some great options to make someone else’s life more comfortable—or your own, for that matter.

  • Icing & Heating Gifts: One of the first lines of defense against back pain typically involves heating and/or cooling the target area. Heat and ice application helps to reduce muscle tension and inflammation, as well as relieves pain. Here are some great products to use when your doctor recommends this form of treatment:
  • Heatable Neck or Back Wraps: For those who suffer from muscle strain or lower back spasms, heat is a very effective and inexpensive therapy. Heat therapy works by increasing oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues, decreasing pain signals to the brain, and enabling muscles and soft tissues to expand to allow for increased flexibility. In addition, there are many neck and back wraps on the market that can be microwaved so that they stay warm for up to a half hour. This constant heat on your back or neck is a great way to provide a reprieve from chronic discomfort.
  • Heating Pads: A heating pad can also be a great holiday gift, especially for those individuals on your Christmas list who deal with more intense back pain. These pads are powered by electricity, so they maintain a constant level of heat for as long as your loved one desires.
  • Biofreeze(R) Pain Reliever: Applying ice to muscle pain is another best practice to relieve sore muscles. Unfortunately, it’s not always the most convenient method. Biofreeze is a specialized gel that can interrupt pain signals from traveling to the brain. Applying this gel to affected areas can provide both muscle pain and arthritis relief. Biofreeze makes a great stocking stuffer at a bargain price of only $15.

Massaging & Pain Relief Gifts

Want to help your loved one relax in style and in the comfort of their home? Check out these back-friendly gifts for at home massage.

  • Foam Rollers: If back pain is muscle-related, a foam roller may be a great gift to deliver lasting comfort. As the name suggests, a foam roller is a soft cylindrical device that one can use to ease muscle pain. By performing certain exercises with a foam roller, one can self-massage tense areas to release muscle tightness or painful trigger points. A foam roller is also a great gift for the athlete in your family.
  • Inversion Tables: If that special someone in your life is having problems with lower back pain or sciatica, you may want to invest in an inversion table. This padded table is connected to a metal frame with hinges. This allows a person to flip over or “invert” the body. By spending time in this inverted position, one can decrease the load on overworked bones, muscles, and joints in the lower back. Inversion tables also work to separate the intervertebral disc and joint spaces, removing pressure off of pinched spinal nerves. While an inversion table could cost up to a few hundred dollars, it may be a game-changer for those who suffer from back pain. Before buying the table, you may want to consult with your loved one’s doctor to determine if this is an appropriate treatment.
  • Massage Cushions: Going to a spa to work out muscle tension and pain can be great. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the money or time to visit these spas as much as they need. A massage cushion offers someone with back pain a great opportunity to relax and release muscle tension in the comfort of their own home. You can put these cushions on a chair or buy a pillow massager to help with shoulder or neck pain.

Home Office Back Relief

Freelance and work-at-home jobs are booming. Those who have discovered this employment trend are finding it possible to make excellent money full-time or as a side hustle. Unfortunately, those who work long hours at a home computer or laptop may be adding extra strain to their backs. Consider these gift items for the work-at-home entrepreneur who suffers from back pain:

  • Ergonomic Office Chairs: An ergonomic office chair can prevent or even eliminate lower back pain by offering adjustable heights, lumbar support, and comfortable seat material. These chairs also encourage the user to maintain proper posture, which supports the lower back.
  • Lumbar Cushions: Maybe an ergonomic office chair is a little out of your gift giving budget. That’s okay. Another option is a lumbar cushion. These cushions provide extra support to help align the hips, back, and neck. They also improve posture, because many people position themselves in such a way that the lower back bears most of the upper body’s weight. These cushions are a great addition to office chairs or even on the sofa as your loved one watches his or her favorite shows.
  • Adjustable Desk: Sitting for long hours at a desk places undue pressure on the spine and may cause muscle tightness or strain. Doing so may also lead to a herniated disc or problems with the hips. Adjustable desks allow a person to alternate between sitting and standing while working at home. In addition, these desks enable your loved one to can find the best height for a computer screen to prevent neck strain.

Relaxing Back Pain Gifts

When a person feels calm and relaxed, the muscles are relaxed too. This can go a long way toward feeling better both mentally and physically. Consider these gifts to help your loved one take a break from their stressful lives and enjoy the moment.

  • An Epsom Salts Gift Set: You can find these gift sets in many department stores or online. Epsom salts have long been used to help with sore muscles. Don’t let the name fool you, Epsom salt is a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium helps the body to reduce inflammation, regulate enzymes, and assists with muscle and nerve function. Sulfates enable the body to absorb nutrients and flush out toxins. Taking periodic Epsom salt baths not only relieves anxiety, stress, and muscle cramps, but can also protect your heart.
  • Essential Oils: Aromatherapy is a great way to reduce stress and feel more relaxed. Oils like peppermint and eucalyptus also contain anti-inflammatory properties that work to ease back pain. While some oils can be applied directly to the skin, others can be placed in a diffuser which releases these calming scents into the air.

Skip the Shoes for Gifts…& Consider Inserts

Although everyone loves a new pair of kicks, orthotic insoles might be the answer to a hidden cause of back pain: unstable feet.

  • Superfeet Orthotic Insoles: Sometimes, the shoes we wear don’t stabilize the feet, which can affect the entire body. An unstable foot puts added stress on the hips, knees, ankles, spine, and lower back. Superfeet is a company that has invested in giving back to communities and the environment while ensuring that you receive the comfort and support to walk through your daily life. There are many products available at Superfeet for individuals who engage in all activity levels.

For Those Who Love Gift Cards

Many Christmas shoppers, especially the last minute ones, turn to gift cards when they aren’t sure what will please their loved one. Skip the visa gift cards and opt for something more personal. For those who suffer from back pain, you might wish to consider these options:

  • Massage Gift Cards: Some people may be reluctant to try massage to assist with their back pain. However, a massage from a certified Massage Therapist offers many benefits for people with a variety of back pain conditions from piriformis syndrome to lumbar lordosis!
  • Yoga or Pilates Gift Certificate: If you have a loved one who isn’t afraid to get active, consider investing in a gift card for a yoga or pilates class. These forms of exercise are great for strengthening the core, stretching out tense muscles, and increasing flexibility. When your loved one tries these classes, he or she may find an active outlet to reduce back pain.
  • Chiropractor Sessions Gift Card: While some people have insurance that pays for a chiropractor visit, others may need to pay out-of-pocket. A chiropractor helps to realign the spine through manual manipulation. This is especially useful for those with acute back pain or flare-ups of chronic back pain.

A Gift That Won’t Cost Anything…

Sometimes the best gift can be a few words of wisdom and advice. If someone you love is struggling with back pain and can’t find relief, try mentioning a trusted source who can diagnose and treat these conditions using the latest technology and medical advances can be life-changing.

The Advanced Spine Center is ready to help. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to getting to know you, your pain, and goals for treatment. We use a multidisciplinary team to find the best conservative, or, if needed, minimally invasive surgical procedures to help you get your life back.

As your family enjoys the holiday season, consider mentioning the Advanced Spine Center to your loved one with lower back pain.